I'm 15 and i have mild eye bags. Do I need to be a specific age to get this done? Where do they preform this procedure? (photo)

I'm 15 and i have mild eye bags i have quite a lot of hollowness under the eyes and it makes me look so so tired! So I'm saving up 600$ for restylane fillers But i was wondering do i need to be a specific age to get this procedure done? Also do they preform this procedure in a dermatologist office or do i need to go to a plastic surgeon? The person in the picture isn't me but her before photo is very similar to what i have.

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Eye bags and hollows

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The hollows under the eyes can be corrected with Restylane or Belotero.  If you are 15 I suggest you wait a few years to see if this area still bothers you before you try to correct it.  

Treating patients under 18 with fillers

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You will need to have parental consent for ANY cosmetic procedures performed on you if you are under 18. You need to speak to your parents about your desires and have them help guide you.

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