Which procedures should I undergo in order to fix my tuberous breasts? (Photo)

Hi, I have small, coney, saggy tuberous breasts w/ inverted nipples. I plan to receive the following procedures: 1. Nipple inversion correction 2. Breast aug. via fat graft (so my breasts can be close together, round, and a cup size bigger for better implant results). But can fat grafting can change the shape? 3. Breast lift w/ cohesive gel implants I've also attached pictures of the breasts that I'd like to hopefully have. Please tell me if it's possible or not. Money is no issue. Thanks! :)

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Tuberous breasts

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Simple breast  augmentation with implants is the best option. I like saline implants under the muscle, other surgeons prefer silicone.  Other than breast implants nothing unique needs to be done for you to get a nice result.

Which procedures should I undergo in order to fix my tuberous breasts?

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Breast augmentation alone should give you a very nice result.  The inverted nipple correction can be performed at the same time.  A small breast lift can raise the areolar height as well, if indicated.  The areolae can be relocated more medially with this technique as well.

Find a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these breast augmentation surgeries each year, has great reviews, and has great before and after pictures.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Constricted Breasts

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While your breasts have some constriction to the lower pole with a short nipple to fold distance, you don't appear to have true tuberous breasts.   That being said you can achieve a fuller, rounder breast shape with augmentation.  Fat grafting has its restrictions as the percentage of graft survival can vary from 60-90% depending on the circumstances, and fat can break down in unpredictable ways.   Thats not to say fat grafting doesn't work, but to just give you the understanding that often times a second procedure may be necessary.  Silicone breast augmentation with shaped or round implants would give you an excellent result and would improve the nipple to fold distance, upper pole projection, and overall appearance of the breast.  While your breasts are different than your favorite celebrity, I believe you can achieve a look that you would feel very happy with.  Consult a board certified expert with a 3D imaging system to show you the possibilities.  

Warm Regards,

Dr. Khorsandi
Las Vegas, NV

How to achieve your perfect breasts

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Your plan for a combination of breast augmentation and fat grafting can certainly achieve your volume requirements.  You fortunately do not have true tuberous breasts and your surgeon can release any constricting bands that you do have at the time your breast implants are placed.

My approach would be to attempt to achieve the size that you want by doing breast augmentation with implants first and then see if you need additional fat to improve your contour.

Although you certainly can achieve the size that you want you must be aware that your nipple areola complex is a different size than your goal but more importantly is laterally displaced, that is the areola and nipple point out to the side much more than the ideal breasts that you showed.  It is difficult if not impossible to make laterally displaced nipple areola move to a more medial or central position on your chest.

Tuberous or constricted breasts

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There are varying degrees of tuberous or constricted breasts. Your photos show a moderate degree of lower breast tightness and there are surgical techniques to can help release the constriction and allow some degree of roundedness as a result. An implant is commonly used although the process of fat grafting is discussed more often in experienced hands.

I would suggest you meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can have the benefit of examining you and finding out what you are trying to achieve. Your options can then be reviewed and you can decide what will work best for you.

I hope this helps

Dr. Edwards


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Thank you for the photos and your desire for perfect Carmen Electra breasts. Obviously there are limits with any technique or series of techniques but clearly you are on the right tract to enhance the overall shape of your breasts. Dr. Corbin

Problems with the breast menu here

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There are many issues here. First, you do not have tuberous breasts. Second, you cannot achieve the "look" you want because your starting point will not allow that. The laterally placed nipples will remain lateral. Third, fat grafting has little value for you and can produce various problems. Fourth, cohesive gel implants will not "lift" the breast, they only add volume and make the breast fuller.

You don't have an easy starting point and need to understand and "own" that. But if you eliminate Carmen E as your true goal, a properly chosen breast implant should make you happy if done by a very experienced plastic surgeon.

Be realistic and Good luck!

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