Can you please tell me if this is a Lipoma? If so, should I get it removed? (photos)

Hi I think I have a Lipoma on both armits It feels like a big mass of fat and it hurts when I touch it sometimes It doesn't hurt at all but when I touch it it does!' Please tell me if I should get this remove or not

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Can you please tell me if this is a Lipoma? If so, should I get it removed? (photos)

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  These areas may be lipomas but are most likely accessory breast tissue.  This is a very common finding and can be treated similarly as a lipoma with excision of the excess tissue.  If these areas cause you great discomfort I would see either a breast surgeon or plastic surgeon to have it treated.  Best wishes. 

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Arm pit mass

It is difficult to tell from a photo what a mass is.  It is most likely axillary breast tissue give the location and your symptoms.  I would recommend consulting with a plastic surgeon or breast surgeon to determine the best course of action.  Depending on how it looks in person, you may be sent for some imaging prior to excision.  Good luck!

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