Do I need another breast revision? I need a second opinion (Photos)

I had a breast revision 3 month ago to fix my dobble bubble.I switch from saline imp(behind my muscle)to round and texturized silicon imp. behind my muscle too.I'm worried about the deformity of my left breast after the surgery. My surgeon says that pressing down the implant with my hands will look better in the future.I really want to know if my breast are going to look beautiful or I need to look for another surgeon to fix the deformity.I really appreciate your help and recommendations!

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Breast implant revision

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Sorry that you are having problems. I would suggest that you give it another 3-4 months. It normally takes several months to get your final result.  If you do not see any significant improvement around  the 6 month time frame then you most likely would benefit from a revision of the areola and a capsulotomy to fix the lateral aspect of the left breast. Hope this helps.

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