Brow Lift Accident 3 Weeks Later?

I had a metal stuff from oone of those that fell from the shower to left side of the back if my head . my left brow has continued to descend all the way . i am worried I remember my surgeon telling me if this happened the procedure could be done in the office and there was no need to repeat the whole procedure but iam not sure it is the case . The thing is he is out of town so I need an answer i am losing my mind.

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Brow Lift Accident 3 Weeks Later?

Best to seek immediate medical attention and possible revision is needed. Do not wait! Again was this an accident??? 

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Brow problem post op

There is no urgency to treat this and you should await the return of your surgeon. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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Mishap afte brow lift

Good afternoon!


Sorry to hear of your ordeal.  Three weeks after a brow lift your scalp should be pretty adherent to the underlying bone and an object falling on your head should not disrupt your surgery.  Swelling from the trauma is a likely culprit- and that should subside on its own.


 i would try not to get too excited and visit your PS when he/she returns to town- hopefully it will be just fine after the swelling subsides.


I hope this helps

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