Brow Lift Accident?

Hi there ! I am writing because I had a coronal brow lift 2 weeks ago. I had one of those metal things that hang in the shower fall in the back of my head not the forehead. I noticed one brow lower than the other . Is it possible that the work is lost. My doc told me that prob the skin stretched. I am worried that bc i also have botox the muscles are paralyzed and I am worried that the brow will ultimately finish in its original position once the effect goes. Please help.

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Don't worry

A blow to the back of your head would not disrupt the brow lift.

Furthermore, the Botox is used to minimize muscle movement during the healing period. So you shouldn't worry about that either.


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Brow lift and trauma

A blow to the back of the head should not have affected your browlift. You shoudl follow with your surgeon to check things out.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Brow lift accident

I do not think that having been hit on the back of the head would affect your brow lift results.  Since it is only two weeks after your procedure, there is still some swelling involved and this may change with time and throughout the day.  This could be the cause of your brows not looking exactly the same at certain times.  I would just allow the normal healing to take place and be sure to follow up with your surgeon to monitor your recovery.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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