After composite bonding removal, will my teeth ever feel the same?

I just got my composite bonding removed due to the fact I could not cope with the texture and the way it felt on my gums. My question is when the dentist removed my bonding on my two front teeth They felt normal and smooth like my teeth. But when he did the back of my teeth one tooth feels good and the other feels kind of greedie, he said he got all the composite material off but it still feels weird And not as smooth as my teeth Can fix this?

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After bonding removal, will my teeth ever feel the same?

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Sounds like your dentist did  good job, maybe just need to smooth and polish the area that does not feel natural.  Should not be difficult to do.  Your tongue is very sensitive and can sometimes feel things that we cannot see or feel.  Tell your dentist where It doesn't feel natural, and guide him(her) until  it feels smooth and natural.  He(she) should be able to do this for you.

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