Puckering around areola, uneven skin, thick scarring and odd shape normal after a full anchor Breast Lift? (photo)

It's been 4 weeks since i had a full anchor breast lift and the top half of my breasts seem to be a lot fuller than the bottom, its not 'dropped' at all yet, i'm also worried about the bottom of one of my breast as the skin looks and feels uneven and the scarring is thick, also the puckering around the areola.. is this also normal? My nurse just keeps saying "the surgeon will 'fix' it if the end results aren't what you've expected" which is definitely making me more worried.

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Puckering around areola, uneven skin, and odd shape.

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Your appearance about one month post op is troublesome. The redraping of the skin envelope is uneven and pleated. The areola is less than circular in dimension. With that being said, a plastic surgeon will fix anything, so please be reassured. You appear to require a revision of the skin envelope and this is an easy fix. I do not have pictures of you pre-operatively and I am only going by the post op picture you posted. Do nothing for 6 months and then revisit the issues with your plastic surgeon.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Re: Puckering around areola...

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Thank you for your question, and attached photos.

Although these are limited views, it appears that you are symmetrical in shape, and in nipple positioning.

As far as the ruffling (or pleating) around your areolas and the "thick scaring" you are noticing I would suggest that it is still early at four weeks to make a proper determination.  As you progress in your healing over the next several months you should see a marked improvement in all areas mentioned.

I hope this helps.

Thank you,

S.P. Maggi, MD, FACS
Austin Plastic Surgery Center

Puckering around areola, uneven skin, thick scarring and odd shape normal after a full anchor Breast Lift?

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   This looks like a good early result.  Give it some time to mature.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Puckering of skin four weeks after breast lift

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Based on your photographs your result looks quite normal for 4 weeks after a breast lift.  I am sure that your concerns will be reduced with time as you continue to heal.  However it is best if you address your concerns to your plastic surgeon.

4 weeks after breast lift

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4 weks is extremely early in the healing process and your result looks great at this time on that continuim.  I am sure your surgeon has told you this and am sure she/he is very pleased with how things are going.

Puckering around areola, uneven skin, thick scarring and odd shape normal after a full anchor Breast Lift? (photo)

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Patience. It's only a month. the breasts will change for 6 or longer.

Think of  surgery as a pregnancy. It's a process not an event and the process takes  a long time to develop and mature.  My rule of thiumb is that as long as the ncisions are red there are things changing inside as well.  

Val Lambros, MD, FACS
Corona Del Mar Plastic Surgeon
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It is to early to se the final result

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You are at the early phases of healing and the final result may take up to three months. Please continue to see your surgeon for follow up.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Everything that I can see looks normal. It takes about 3 months for puckering to improve and massage of the scars helps. Having the top portion of your breast full is actually a plus at this point as the natural tendency is to drop over time. The toughest thing for surgeons to achieve is upper pole fullness so you are ahead of the game.

Glenn Lyle, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

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