I Had a Pubic Monsplasty 4 Months Ago Still Numb?

I had a pubic monsplasty 4 months ago one side looks good but the other is very swollen and the entire area is still very numb, will it be this way forever? I am really regretting having it done because it is not any smaller than before it's actually bigger. and now I have a scar.

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Numbness 4 months after monsplasty

Numbness is common after tummy tucks and monsplasty. It can take a year for the sensation to return. Swelling is usually temporary in the first few weeks, then improves over time. If you are extremely swollen, see your surgeon to make sure that nothing serious is happening.

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I Had a Pubic Monsplasty 4 Months Ago Still Numb?

Dear Justme,

Thank you for your post.  Hard to judge this without a photo or consultation.  You should be assessed for free fluid vs. swelling.  Numbness depends on how your surgeon did the operation. 

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Pablo Prichard, MD

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I Had a Pubic Monsplasty 4 Months Ago Still Numb?

Thank you for your question.  However, without a picture or know what exactly was done, it hard to answer your question.  Numbness can take a long time to go away.  Typically the area can be numb at first and then you can have some tingling or shooting sensations as the nerves regenerate.  It can take up to a year to improve as much as it's going to.  You can have uneven swelling but I would expect that at 4 months most of the swelling should be gone.  I would recommend following up with your doctor.

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Numb after monsplasty

It is difficult for me to make a judgement because I don't know how your doctor did the surgery. However, it is very common to have numbness for up to a year or so.  Differential swelling is also very common.  You should return to your doctor for evaluation.


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