I Like my "Ptosis"

I posted here a month ago about my uneven brow/lid. General consensus was see on occuplastic surgeon for ptosis (please see link for add. photos: http://www.realself.com/question/asymmetric-uneven-eyebrows-eyelid ) BUT, here's the thing: I like my "ptosis" ! and I actually want to lower the lid a little on my right eye to match. It's a subtle difference, but would make a big difference in makeup application and take away the "crazy" look I sometimes have haha. Is this possible? Sensible?

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Uneven lids, prefers the droopier side

Eyelid surgery is a delicate matter and ptosis surgery is the most difficult to get right. This is why few general plastic surgeons will attempt it.  An oculoplastic surgeon could lower your eyelid on the right, but there are no guarantees it would be perfect. The difference is quite subtle and most would recommend you leave it alone.

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