Age 14 with uneven jaw and braces, which may be contributing to my eye problem: Do I have ptosis? (Photo)

I'm not sure if this is ptosis. Most people don't notice it but when I look at my photos I always notice it and it makes me very uncomfortable. I checked my old photos and My eyes were normal. I'm only 14 is it possible that as I grow the problem will fix by itself? I have a slightly uneven jaw, my mom also has it but her eyes are normal. I'm wearing braces if that's relevant.

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You do not have ptosis

and if you did, your eye opening would be smaller, you would have a wider crease on the side of ptosis, and eventually, it encroaches on your pupil and will obscure your vision.

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Eye lid concern

  • You photo does not show ptosis (drooping of the upper lid).
  • It does show imbalance in the muscles
  • This can be from a photo taken to close to your eyes for focussing,
  • Or it can occur from a true muscle imbalance.
  • See a Board Certified Opthalmologist for an evaluation if this is seen in photos taken well away from your face. Best wishes.

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