Could This Be Ptosis?

I had an upper eyelid surgery done 3 weeks ago. The doctor removed some fat and skin. The night after the surgery, i felt discomfort on my left eye. It felt like a sand was in my eye. It made my left eye water for hours. The very next morning i went back to the doctor's office and the doctor took out the stitches and re-did it again. He said he had done it a bit looser this time. Now i am worried that my left eye might be droopy. Is it too soon to tell? Does it look droopy? Thank you.

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Ptosis after eyelid surgery

Ptosis relates to the position of the upper eyelid, and is not usually caused by blepharoplasty. It also does not present with symptoms such as you described. If you are concerned about any asymmetry between your eyelids, you should be examined by your surgeon to determine if this is indeed the case and if any intervention is indicated.

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your story is more consistent with too much skin removed (although can't really tell from pix alone) with ensuing dryness relieved by suture removal and re-closing "less tight". in the old days if there was exposure with pain the surgeons would pop open the incision and let it heal. I like the way your surgeon handled a potential problem with your eye and I believe the droopiness is related to swelling. be patient. good luck

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Ptosis after blepharplasty

Eyelid ptosis refers to the position of the upper eyelid margin to the pupil/iris. If the lid margin is covering the pupil then this is Ptosis. Looking at your photos things look Ok to me. It is important that you followup with your physician and ask them.

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Could This Be Ptosis?


Best to ask your surgeon about this, but it appears that you should be okay without ptosis.  Good luck and  be well.

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