If I Have Ptosis 3 Weeks Post Upper Eyelid Surgery, What Are the Odds It Remains a Problem?

i know that Doctors tell us that we must wait to see final results. But quite honestly what generally are the odds that it will remain a problem. It seems from reading all of these reviews that the good results look good right away - no ptosis. So, please, what is your expert opinion on ptosis? If you have it to begin with and theres not change after 2 months, does it really often go away o only seldom?

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Ptosis a few weeks after surgery

Either you had ptosis before surgery or you did not. If early post-op you did not have ptosis, it may jsut be swelling that should get better. Otherwise, you may need a ptosis repair procedure.

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If I Have Ptosis 3 Weeks Post Upper Eyelid Surgery, What Are the Odds It Remains a Problem?

Hello annon7777.  The answer to your question is complex.  What did your eyes look like to begin with?  If you had ptosis pre-operatively that was masked by extra skin, then it will not get better.  Often this is the case.  Review your pre-operative photos for signs of this.

If there was no ptosis pre-operatively, then most likely it is swelling in the muscle, although sometimes the muscle can slip or loosen during the surgery or from the swelling.  Certainly, you must wait for 6 months because sometimes it takes that long for eyelids to heal.  If you "fix" ptosis that is due to swelling earlier then the 6 month mark, you risk the chance of over-correction when the swelling resolves, which is a bigger problem.

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