Do I Have Ptosis or Some Other Type of Eye Condition?

I've had this ever since I was a small child.

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Do I Have Ptosis or Some Other Type of Eye Condition?

Your right upper eyelid certainly looks lower than your left upper eyelid.  This can be ptosis or pseudoptosis.  Your left eyebrow is also higher than your right eyebrow which may be the reason your left eye seems more open.  You need an evaluation by an Oculoplastic surgeon to see if true ptosis is present or not.

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Do I Have Ptosis or Some Other Type of Eye Condition?

Based upon only ONE distance frontal posted photo you have either genetic ptosis or anatomic deformity or both. Best to be examined fully in person by a boarded PSs pin your city. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Brow ptosis causing eyelid ptosis

 There is significant asymmetry of the eyebrows whereby one eyebrow is lower than the other. When one eyebrow  is lower than the other, it  can cause ptosis of the upper lid. A browlift with special attention to raising the low eyebrow to match the opposite side can be performed along with a one-sided blepharoplasty to address the asymmetry.

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Ptosis or other condition

Based on the photo you included, you have a pseudo Ptosis which means that your eyelid opens adequately and the position of the eyelid is normal but you lack the normal (supra tarsal crease) in the upper eyelid and combined with a droopy eyebrow, it makes you look like you have Ptosis.  The solution is both a right sided brow lift as well as a right upper eyelid lift(Blepharoplasty).  This will create a normal upper lid crease and correct the pseudo Ptosis.  Making the brow position more symmetrical will make your face and eyes look more normal

Devinder S. Mangat, MD, FACS
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Ptosis Or Other Congenital Condition

The term ptosis is Greek and just means falling or drooping.  So yes, you do have ptosis.  But the deeper question is do you have congenital ptosis or something else.  With congenital ptosis there is a drooping of the eyelid and limited excursion of the muscles that lift the eyelid.

Your picture however shows a bit more.  Your lower face and cheeks are fairly symmetrical but your smile pulls slightly more to the left.  Your brow shows asymmetry, as does your eyelids.  So there may be something more going on than eyelid drop.  These are just observations and not criticism.  

I think you will get a much better evaluation in person, where your plastic surgeon can evaluate you in more detail.  Thank you for posting your picture.  Best of luck to you.

Al Rosenthal, MD
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