Ptosis of the eye recurring? Has my surgery reversed?

my right eyelid drooped when I was a few years old, neuro exams ruled out any thing wrong, my dad's brother died of a brain tumour while my mum was pregnant with me so there was concern. I had failed cosmetic surgery when I was 14, botox, then opthamological surgery when i was 15 to repair b/c it affected my vision same dr then removed excess eyelid skin 9months later. i am now 18 and it is drooping again and v. heavy. last neuro exams were 2 years ago for chronic fatigue related muscle probs.

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Recurrent eyelid ptosis

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Eyelid ptosis can be repaired and there are varyiou procedures to accomplish this based on the degree of ptosis. I would see an expert Oculoplastic surgeon in your area and be evaluated.

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