After Ptosis Surgery, how long I would need to recover before I began practicing my instrument (trumpet) again?

I am a patient in my early 20's getting ptosis surgery on my left eyelid in a few days. As a music student at a university with auditions and competitions coming up very soon, I was wondering how long I would need to recover before I began practicing my instrument (trumpet) again? I read to avoid strenuous activities, but I don't think practicing an instrument falls into that category, although I thought it best to make sure. I can't really avoid to skip too many days of practicing.

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2 weeks

As a rule, most surgeons will recommend waiting 2 weeks before restarting non-contact activities after eyelid surgery. This applies to your situation.

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Trumpet playing and ptosis surgery

           You are right that trumpet playing does not seem strenuous.  However, the simple act of generating force to play the instrument causes a localized increase in pressure.  This pressure increase can cause blood clots to dislodge and cause postoperative bleeding.  Conventional wisdom is that the fibrinous clots mature after about 5 to 7 days, but most plastic surgeons recommend 2 weeks.  Also, coughing, nose blowing, vomiting, straining of any kind, and bending over all cause temporary increases in pressure that should be avoided.

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