Ptosis Surgery Possibly Failed?

Hi there doctors. I had congeital ptosis surgery 5 weeks ago, and NOTHING has changed in the effected eye. I've got multiple creases still and just so depressed. The other eye is looking perfect. (both eyes were operated on by a oculoplastic surgeon). I just hate this, what should i do? when the creases arn't changing even the slightest amount....

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Congenital ptosis is challenging.

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Congenital ptosis is one of the more challenging surgeries we, as oculoplastics surgeons, have to do. This is because the muscle that elevates the eyelid functions poorly and often does not respond well to surgery. It is not unusual for patients to need more than one surgery. I would wait 3 months and then re-evaluate.

Be patient with your surgeon...and your body.

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