Ptosis surgery - overcorrection? (photo)

I had my slightly droopy left eye lifted. However, after 1 week and removal of the sutures the difference between left and right is significant. Now the right eye is the droopy one and the left eye is not only wide open but has also a different shape. The doc said the left eyelid would come down, because it is still a bit swollen and that we should consider also operating on my right eye! I would like to avoid surgery on my right eye. Could some reversal be done on the left?

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You have three problems here.

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1. You are over-corrected on the left side.

2. Your latent right upper eyelid ptosis was not addressed by your surgeon so that side now looks heavy.

3. Your eyelid surgeon is inexperienced.

Unfortunately I do not agree with your surgeon that the left upper eyelid will come down. My experience tells me just the opposite. In my opinion, an over corrected eyelid one week after ptosis surgery is an indication for an immediate surgical adjustment for the eyelid. The eyelid can be numbed with local anesthetic, the sutures trimmed and the healing tissues gently pulled apart to expose the buried stitch that is hold the eyelid too open. This can be repositioned. Now is really the best opportunity to get this done and I would strongly encourage your surgeon to do this. It is far easier to fix this now than later in my opinion. I do have colleagues who have their patients massage the eyelid after surgery when this happens but I think it is best to take immediate care of the problem. Good luck.

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Ptosis surgery - overcorrection?

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You need to wait at least 3 to 6 months to see if the operated side does in fact "drop".// Best to re discuss this issue with your surgeon..

Hering's phenomenon

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What is definite is that you have right upper eyelid ptosis, which became manifest after your left upper eyelid ptosis was corrected (this is called latent ptosis). The left upper eyelid appears relatively high but it may be high due to Herings phenomenon, which means the body is trying to lift the droopy right upper eyelid but at the same time it can't help but lift the left side too. You should be evaluated for possible right upper eyelid ptosis surgery, before considering lowering the left side. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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