Can ptosis surgery cause eyelid to droop more?

I had minor congenital ptosis in my left eye. My surgeon said it was 2mm lower than my right eye. I recently had ptosis repair and my left eyelid actually drooped more than it did prior to surgery. Is this because the muscle was shortened? I was told I had a great muscle because I had eyelid had movement in all directions, including upwards. My eyelid now sits on the border of the pupil after my first surgery and blocks my field of vision. What might have happened?

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HOw long ago did you have the surgery done?

When a ptosis repair is performed, the levator muscle is shortened to improve the lid height.  When someone has good levator function, the result is much more predictable, and that is probably what your surgeon was referring to.  If you just had the surgery done, there may still be some edema which is weighing down the eyelid.  However, if it was several weeks ago and most of the edema is gone, the muscle may not have been shortened sufficiently.  You need to see your surgeon to discuss this.    

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