Is Ptosis Surgery Different for Asian Eyelids?

I am an Asian male with congenital ptosis. I was wondering in general, would ethnicity play a role in how a surgeon may perform ptosis surgery or is ethnicity not a factor? I am wondering due to Asian eyes being slightly different (ie. Many Asian eyes don’t have the lid creases such as Caucasian eyes). I wanted to make sure that I understand things and know if I should or shouldn’t be concerned if a particular surgeon hasn’t performed ptosis surgery on Asian eyes in specific.

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It is best for you to find an oculoplastic surgeon with experience fixing Asian eyelids.

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Like many things in life, it helps to work with someone with experience for the best results.  While the principle of ptosis surgery is basically the same in all eyelids, you need someone with experience in addressing eyelid ptosis in Asian eyelids.  The reason for this is that the upper eyelid crease structure is different as you know in Asian compared to Caucasian eyelids.

There are many technical details that go into what is best for you that actually require a personal consultation. You can look on my website for information about Asian eyelid surgery and also examples of ptosis surgery in Asians. The most essential thing is preservation of the Asian character of your eyelid.  In the state of Michigan, I would point you in the direction of the University of Michigan where you will find highly experience eyeplastic surgeons who will be able to assist you.

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Ptosis repair for Asian eyelids

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Yes, the ptosis repair on Asian eyelids is anatomically different than Caucasian eyelids. You should look for an oculoplastic surgeon who has experience with this specific type of Asian eyelid surgery and ptosis repair.  

William Portuese, MD
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Asian eyelid ptosis repair is different from non Asian ptosis repair

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As you correctly point out the eyelid crease differences between Asian and non- Asian eyelids do make differences in the advised approach for ptosis surgery . Ptosis surgery can be done from an external approach through the eyelid crease or an internal approach.

That being stated the onset of ptosis in Asians leads to a very obvious difference in the crease position and appearance. Therefore, most of our patients will elect to have an Asian Blepharoplasty with crease enhancement at the time of the ptosis repair.

Hope this helps.

J. Timothy Heffernan, MD
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