Ptosis Revision? Too Early?

according to the surgeon,the levator muscles on both my eyelids have slipped again, which makes it very difficult for me to open my eyes- i can open them, but it takes a lot of effort. he said a majority of the swelling is gone and wants to revise to fix the muscle so i can open my eyes comfortably again. Is this an okay problem to fix this early? it looks like almost all the swelling is gone.

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Ptosis revision

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Levator advancement surgery for ptosis involves suturing the levator in a more advanced position to cause lifting of the drooping eyelid. Occasionally, the sutures used to suture the levator in its new position will disinsert causing the eyelid to droop again. If this occurs, early revision is ideal, usually within a few weeks after the swelling is decreased.

Monterey Oculoplastic Surgeon

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