Ptosis Repair Overcorrection? (photo)

A person Had Ptsosis Surgery for congential ptosis 1 year ago. first had surgery with Dr. Bruce Becker around the Los Angeles Area. It didn't work. Currently had a repair done by Dr. Don Kikkawa and he over corrected it. The he did 2 inpatient surgerys to lower, which he lowered it too much, then tighten the stitches and this is 1 week now and it is still off. 

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Congenital ptosis

Your 1 week postoperative photo looks okay.  You should wait until healing is complete before deciding on any further surgery.  You also have to understand that congenital ptosis results from weak levator muscle and it is impossible to make it perfect in comparison with the good side.  Follow up with oculoplastic surgeons.

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Let your eyelids heal

Revision ptosis surgery is one of the most difficult procedures in Oculoplastics surgery. They eyelid tissue is no longer normal. There is scar tissue which hampers normal eyelid movement and healing response.

In addition, congential ptosis is even more difficult a condition than you average, run of the mill ptosis condition, which further complicates matters.

Honestly, your photo just one week out from surgery, considering prior surgeries AND a congenital condition, is quite good.

At this point it is best to allow your eyelids to heal, the swelling to resolve, and the scarring to soften. This is best achieved by waiting at least a year before again considering further surgery. It is very important to set expectations appropriately, and with your condition and history, complete symmetry may be an overly high expectation to have.

Best of luck

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