Had Ptosis Repair and Upper Blepharoplasty 2 Mo Ago. Left Eye Won't Shut and Both Eyes Very Dry Assymetrical? (photo)

Had ptosis and occuloplastic surgeon rec. bleph with repair. Left eye incision wrong from the beginning, lid will not close at night and both eyes dry. Must use gobs of ung. @ p.m. so I don't have stabbing pain. In despair over left eye and asymmetry. 1st ever eye surgery and never used eye drops before surgery. Need names best occuloplastic surgeons to help with this. I understand there may not be much even the best doctor can do to help me. Chose good doctor who had bad day. Live in CA.

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Eyelid problem

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Although things may improve with time, you should obtain an oculoplastic exam.  Possible problems include weak orbicularis muscle, tethering/scarring preventing proper eyelid opening and closure, among others.  There are nonsurgical and surgical options available, depending on the problem.  In the meantime, keep your eyes lubricated.

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Eyelid problems after surgery

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Go get a consult at the Jules Stein institute, UCLA, with one of the faculty (? Dr goldberg ).

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