Ptosis overcorrection?

I had a non incisional ptosis correction 7 weeks ago(the doc tied the muscles using a thread)as I tend to raise my brows a little to open my eyes.My ptosis wasn't serious,so my doctor said he only did a very slight non incisional ptosis repair,with non incisional blepharoplasty.However,I feel that my eyes seem to be unnatural now,and I feel like I'm staring.May I know if there is a way to loosen my eyelid muscles so that my gaze will be more like the past?Should I wait,or consult my doctor asap?

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Ptosis overcorrection

Please consult your surgeon asap. The lids may relax over time. Dryness, excess corneal show, and corneal abrasions are more serious problems that may require natural tears, restasis (medicinal eyedrops), or plugs in the lacrimal duct to retain more tears.

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