Has the Ptosis Occured Because of my Heart Condition. If I Undergo a Surgery Will Anesthesia Effect my Heart Condition?

Age : 27 , Weight :72 Kgs ptosis in my left eyeoccured almost 3 yrs ago. The condition has been statis since then. I respond well to light movementMyasthenia gravis ruled out. MRI is clean.electircal test that was OK. prior medical condition of arotic valve leakage. It is congenital as echo shows bi-cuspid valve w/ severe leakage I have a twin brother , if that helps anyhow.

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Ptosis Surgery and Heart Valve Leakage

Ptosis is not caused by insufficiency of the aortic valve.  Before undergoing ptosis surgery you will need to have an examination to get clearance from your primary care doctor or cardiologist.

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