My Daughter is 5 Y/O. When Can She Go in For Ptosis Surgery?

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5 year old with Ptosis - When Can Surgery be Performed?

    Ptosis correction surgery, assuming visual integrity is not compromised, can be performed at any time.

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Pediatric ptosis repair

There are two reasons that ptosis surgery is performed in the pediatric age range.

The first and most important is to allow the visual system to develop properly and avoid "amblyopia". This can develop if the eyelid is so droopy that the child can not see properly out of the eye [even with compensating tactics like a "chin up" position].

The second reason is "psychosocial" in nature. Though it is true that ptosis surgery is most effective and predictable in the adult age range, we often will operate earlier when the child starts going to school and becomes self conscious due to peer interaction.

These factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding on the proper time for surgery. ASOPRS dot org will have Oculoplastics surgeons close to you for consultation.

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The answer is that it very much depends.

Ptosis surgery is performed early if the eyelid is interfering with visual development and leading to amblyopia.  If the eyelid is not a functional issue but more a cosmetic concern, the preference is to wait until the child has grown as much as possible.  The precise age is really determined by the needs of the family (you), the child, and the best judgement of your oculoplastic surgeon.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive (ASOPRS) has a regional directory that can help you find a highly qualified in your community.  Please recognize that some surgeons offer more pediatric services than others.

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