Ptosis Correction

I began noticing my right eyelid droops&is bigger than my left eye. I've read a lot&I know often ptosis isnt insured. My ENTIRE life my right eye has always twitched, always waters, aches, &always feels heavy. Its very dangerous when driving.Ive always been scared to tell anyone for fear of noticing. Im finally going to tell my dr but my question is do you think my case would be insurable and correctable? I'd like my right eye to feel normal and my eyes as a whole to be even. Thanks.

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You may have congenital ptosis of the right upper eyelid.

Hi, thank you for sharing your photograph.  From the photo, you appear to have ptosis of the right upper eyelid.  Given your history that the right eyelid has been symptomatic your whole life and your upper eyelid crease is indistinct, there is likely a congenital component to your ptosis.  This can be evaluated in more depth with measurement of the levator function, presence of eyelid lag and by review of old photographs.  The treatment (which is often covered by insurance) would be a levator repair.  Best of luck in your care.  

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Upper Eyelid Ptosis Repair Might be Covered by Insurance

Hi My World in My World,

Eyelid ptosis, or droopy upper eyelid, may contribute to vision problems by blocking the visual field. Visual field testing is usually performed to measure the degree of ptosis, and by taping the eyelid up to simulate potential surgical correction.

Ptosis of the eyelids can occur from many conditions, with natural aging and sagging tissue as the most common cause. Treatment is primarily with upper eyelid plastic surgery. Plastic surgery covers a wide range of procedures, both cosmetic and reconstructive. While cosmetic surgery typically may not be covered by insurance, reconstructive plastic surgery may be covered. Insurance may or may not cover eyelid surgery based on your specific contract with your insurance provider. Speak with your insurance provider and determine your benefits. Best of luck.

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Ptosis correction

Before you can fix a ptosis you must know the cause - is it mechanical or neurologic.  The treatment will vary depending on the etiology or origin of the ptosis.  It does appear that you have lost the symmetric tarsal crease on the left which may indicate a levator dehiscence.  You need to be properly evaluated before proceeding by a plastic surgeon, opthalmic plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon.

As far as insurance reimbursement this is a contract between you and your insurance company and needs to be discussed prior to surgery.  Good luck.

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You will need to see an ophthalmologist

You have bilateral eyelid ptosis and more over the right eye. Your forehead muscle s are compensating and that the reason for the right eyebrow being higher. You will need full eye exam and also visual field test and then surgery for the ptosis repair.

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It is possible that your right upper eyelid ptosis could be significant enough for insurance coverage.  Your doctor needs to obtain a visual field test and submit it, along with rested photos, to insurance.

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Eye symptoms should be corrected before ptosis repair

It is hard to appreciate a lot of ptosis in your photo.  However, you should seek the care of an opthalmologist to evaluate the symptoms in your right eye before considering any procedures.  Your eyes should feel normal before doing any procedure on how they look.

Best Wishes

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