Ptosis After Orbital Repair Surgery?

Hi, My son went thru a surgery 2 months ago to repair his right orbital floor with an implant. His eye now has vertical and lateral ptosis on that eyelid. The area around the upper eyelid is slightly discolored (light maroon), which tells me it is inflamed. Should we worried about this? Will it resolve overtime?

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Ptosis After Orbital Repair Surgery?

It is difficult to diagnose without an examination or at least a photo.  Please see an Oculoplastic surgeon or post a photo.  Thank you.

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Orbital Trauma Repair

It sounds like he has ectropion ("eck-tro-pee-on").  This results from some internal scarring.  This can be treated conservatively with tissue massage.  If this does not work then a steroid treatment can be performed.  The most invasive treatment would be surgical correction. The redness in the corner of the eye most likely represents old blood (typical) and resolves will be over the next several months.


Of course an orbital fracture can have an effect on lid position

First the swelling and trauma can effect the position of the upper eyelid.  Further fracture of the orbital bones expands the orbital space.  Surgery is aimed to restoring this space.  Surgery seldom fully reduces the expanded space.  This increase is space directly permit the upper eye lid to hang lower on the eye accounting for the droopy eyelid.  It is likely that this issue will look worse as time passes from the surgery.  A careful assessment by an oculoplastic surgeon can help resolve what is best for you son at this point.





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Right Orbital Floor and Ptosis

   An orbital floor repair should not have any impact on the upper eyelid. It is possible that the initial trauma caused damage to this area.  If this area is inflamed, I would see your surgeon.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Eyelid surgery

It is impossible to tell without photos or an exam. If it appears inflamed then you should contact your surgeon to be seen.

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