Ptosis After Asian Eyelid Surgery and Epi? (photo)

Hi, i am 2 weeks post on asian eyelid and epi surgery. However, i feel that one of my eye is having ptosis. Is it normal or?? Can someone help me out. Thank you!

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Ptosis after asian eyelid correction

Thank you for your question about recovery from your asian eye lid surgery and correction of epicanthal fold.

  • Your blepharoplasty looks quite good for this stage
  • It takes time for eye lid surgery swelling to go down,
  • To minimize swelling keep your head up at night,
  • Do not exercise
  • Your asian eye lid correction will probably be fine in a few more weeks.

Best wishes. Hope this helps!

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2 weeks is so very early from surgery.

Your upper eyelids are very swollen and heavy.  This accounts for a lot of what does not look right at this point.  The swollen lid pushes the fold up and makes the crease look high.  As the swelling improved, the ptosis will get better and the crease will not look so high.  This might take about 2 months to settle down to the point where you do not feel so self conscious about your appearance.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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