Eyelid Ptosis, am I a Canadite for Surgery? (photo)

I'm in my early twenties and have always had thick eyelids. Would I benefit from ptosis surgery?

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It is impossible to answer this without a personal consultation.

From this photograph your upper eyelid margins sit at about the same place on the eyelid platform.  The left eyebrow is hiked up compared to the right.  I agree from the photograph that your left eyelid platform appears thicker than the right.  There are many surgical options that potentially could be used to make the too eyes more symmetric.  This requires detailed analysis based on an actual physical examination to determine why your upper eyelids and brow appear this way.

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Eyelid Ptosis, am I a Canadite for Surgery? (photo)

First seek IN PERSON eye examinations from boarded surgeons in your area/city. Than you will learn if you need surgical correction. 

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You do not appear to have ptosis, but there is asymmetry of the lid/brow

It is difficult to give a detailed analysis based on one photo, but you do not appear to have ptosis.  Ptosis is when the eyelid margin (basically the edge of the eyelid) hangs too far down relative to the pupil (the black part of the eye).  This distance appears to be nearly equal in your photo.  Your asymmetry appears to be related to the eyelid crease and the brow.  Determining between these factors would take a good physical exam before recommending any treatment.

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