How Do PS's Calculate the Ideal Body Analogies (Bust-waist-hips Ratios) During a BA Proccess?

I'm 5’3’’, 105 lbs (waist 23.6in -hips 34in). Pre-op: 32A size. Due to my love for proportion I decided a BA, telling my PS that a full 32C would be the ideal, in order to achieve a 34in bust line. I ended up with a 32B and smaller bust line than the ideal(maybe early to conclude? Just 11 days post op). My PS used Allergan 230 cc implants, low profile. I wonder what did lead her to this decision? Is there any kind of “math model” which PSs use in order to calculate the “perfect” body analogies?thanks

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Thank you for your question, from what you have described it sounds like you wanted implants to fit your body. Each practice is different how a doctor determines whether which implants would give you what you are looking for. In our practice we size you with different size implants and profiles. From there you the patient determines what you want, you the patient make that decision. We usually say that 225 cc is about one cup size and if you started with A cup and wanted to go up to a C cup we would recommend 400 cc. Hope that helps


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