Pseudomonas and Necrosis After Breast Lift and Implant, Is there Anything That Can be Done? (photo)

Lift and Implant procedure. Nipple became black and began rotting. Skin became neucrotic leaving a large open wound on the nipple. Doctor states is is pseudomonas, staph, and necrosis. Unsure where to go from here. Infectious disease dr., wound doctor, continue with current doctor, or have implants removed. Not sure if the doctor is being honest. Using seaweed wraps and cipro. Have used silver pads and a bleach chemical. Doctor says it will heal but very woried about complications.

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Infection and necrosis like this is really rare but with time can improve

I am sorry that you have experienced this severe complication. The goals now are to get the wound healed and then see what type of revisions are possible to improve your aesthetic result. When tissue breaks down and becomes necrotic like this, the wound frequently becomes infected with a variety of bacteria. Good wound care, antibiotics and time usually leads to the wound getting smaller and eventually closing. You will have permanent scarring and an abnormal looking nipple and areola. This is a time to stay in close communication with your Plastic Surgeon so that you are given good information and advice. The need for more surgery to clean up the wound or occasionally the need to remove the implant can only be made by a Plastic Surgeon who is following your progress carefully. Focus on working with your doctors to get better and  then focus on options for improving your outcome.

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