Pseudomonas After Augumentation & Again After Explant? What Are The Causes?

I had aug in August (saline). The right was fine but left was draining & painful. After culture, pseudomonas was found & PS put me in Cipro. After no improvement, we decided to have implant removed Oct 17th for infection to clear (with additional 7 days Cipro). Now draining from incision site, culture done yesterday but I'm pretty sure it is the same thing (appearance of fluid, same pain). Why did this come back? Can I ever have implant replaced? I still have right one, healing fine.

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Breast implant infection

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The most common reason for recurrence or persistance of infection after breast implant infection is not removing the capsule. The capsule should be removed and the breast cavity debrided of all infected and infected looking tissue. Treat with IV antibiotics, then when under control continue oral antibiotics for 2-4 weeks.

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