Pseudohump After Rhinoplasty?

I know its quite early but it has been 9 days since I got septorhinoplasty (bump shaved down, tip upturned, correciton of deviated septum). In the middle of my nose, just below the bridge (not even where the dorsal hump is) there is a soft lump/hump forming from the profile view.. is this normal?

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Rhinoplasty healing

You will see all sorts of changes, esp this early after your surgery. I would go back and see your plastic surgeon. He may suggest placing tape over the area at night at least.

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"Pseudohump" 9 Days after Rhinoplasty

At 9 days it is impossible to discuss the prognosis for your "pseudohump", but I can guarantee your nose will change. No permanent result is achieved within this short time. Be patient and enjoy your gradual improvement.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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A pseudohump after rhinoplasty can have several causes

The pseudo hump you are describing just nine days after your rhinoplasty, we presume, is in the area just above the tip, a spot we call the supra-tip, not the bridge as you mention, just below. It is typical for the skin to feel a bit soft or spongy in this area and taping may hasten the improvement. There can be several causes for a supra-tip hump however. There can be a relative skin excess and accumulation of scar in the area, especially if the bridge was lowered a great deal and the skin is challenged to conform to the new shape. Other causes are over reduction of the bridge above, or under reduction of the cartilages in the lower end of the bridge just above the tip, either the septal cartilage or the upper lateral cartilages in the nose. Start with gentle massage or taping as guided by your surgeon.

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