Would a PS recommend a butt lift for someone who want to get pregnant in 3-4yrs?

I want a child in 3-4 yrs and am concerned I will ruin the benefits of a potential butt lift via fat transfer. would most PS recommend to go ahead with it under these circumstances? Also, if the pregnancy does ruin results is redo lipo an option or would rippling likely occur? what percentage of 2nd time lipo result in irregularities? I feel like there is only one shot to get it done cause trying to fix post prego body would result in ripplingor problems. pls advise :)

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BBL after pregnancy

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You can get a BBL now but usually pregnancy negatively affects your results. However, it is impossible to say how they will affect your results. Usually, pregnancy can cause fat and loose skin to accumulate in your midsection, expanding your waistline. It also could widen your hips. These are typical and may or may not occur to you. Rippling is a result of loose skin, which is common after giving birth.

The only thing is that liposuction does reduce the number of fat cells you have in the treated area, so you'll be generally leaner with weight gain than if you don't have the surgery at all.  

The procedure may be done again after you've had children, if you prefer.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Before Pregnancy

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Typically if you have set plans to have a baby, a PS wont necessarily advise for you to have plastic surgery done in the breasts, buttocks, and abdominal regions. Due to the weight gain during the pregnancy process, those areas are typically affected.

If the patient were fully aware that their results would change post pregnancy and just want to enhance their look for the 3-4 years pre-pregnancy then the procedure would be a great option. If this is the option you choose, my advice to you is to make sure you give yourself enough time to heal before planning to get pregnant, and to understand that you may need some revisions after the pregnancy or even a tummy tuck to tighten up your abdominal wall post-pregnancy. Everyone’s body reacts differently to pregnancy. Some have minor changes and some have major changes. As long as you are prepared for this then you should be just fine.

Best of luck to you on your Brazilian Butt Lift procedure and your future pregnancy. I have before and after photos and detailed information about the procedure on my website if you are interested in more information.

Brazilian butt lift and pregancy

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There is absolute no contraindication to do a Brazilian butt lift before pregnancy. Now what is going to be unpredictable is the effect of pregnancy on your body. Now, the butt is not significantly affected by pregnancy in terms of sagginess or loss of fullness. Your abdominal wall will be distended and the muscles stretch. In addition, you might develop stretch marks and excess abdominal fat and skin.

If in fact you need an improvement after surgery, after everything settles, it will be a combination of liposuction and a tummy tuck, but I doubt that your butt will need a fat transfer for reshaping.

Aesthetic Surgery and Future Pregnancy- It's all about Timing...

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Hi there-

Whether talking about Tummies, Butts, or Breasts, the fact is that future pregnancy will have a well-understood by variable effect on the area operated on, and that the resulting change in the area operated on is a bit unpredictable.

It is possible that if you were to proceed with your Brazilian Butt Lift that your outcome would suffer after pregnancy (especially your abdominal outcome), but whether or not this diminishment is enough to make you want to have further surgery is very difficult to say. It is also possible that you have a pregnancy and remain perfectly happy with the outcome of your surgery.

The other thing to consider is the timing of the surgery and your plans for pregnancy...

If you were planning to become pregnant within the next year, I would (personally) tell you to wait until after the baby to proceed with surgery.

Conversely, if you are planning the pregnancy for several years from now, AND your desire to look better justifies (for you) the risk that after the baby is born you may need something revised, then I would say it is acceptable to proceed now.

Finally, I think it's important to understand that most often, women who have had a baby are no longer candidates for abdominal liposuction, because after the pregnancy it is the skin and muscle layers that are a problem (and not so much the fat)- requiring a tummy tuck instead.

So- think about the timing of your plans for pregnancy and how important it is for you to have a fuller bottom between now and then. 

Hope that helps- and good luck!

Brazilian butt lift and future pregnancy

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The Brazilian butt lift can be done if future pregnancy as planned. The tummy tuck muscle plication is the procedure that should not be done if future pregnancies are considered.

The Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction fat injection. Fat is a storage compartment and what's done with liposuction fat injection is to change the location of the storage compartment. You're taking the fat from the abdomen, back, and flank where you don't want it and putting it in the buttocks were you do want it. Since fat cells don't replicate this gives you a permanent change in shape. This permanent change in shape will not be changed by pregnancy or weight gain.

What can change after pregnancy is stretching of the abdominal wall fascia and muscles and skin. This can happen after a pregnancy and will happen whether or not you had liposuction or Brazilian butt lift. This is a separate event. The changes in your hips and the narrow and the waist will still be there if the skin of the stomach gets stretched after pregnancy.

After liposuction and fat injection is shape will not be the same as it was before surgery with or without pregnancy.

Wendell Perry, MD
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Brazilian butt lift

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Overall, it would advisable to wait until you have finished with having children, that way any associated skin issues, or laxity that may develop, can be delt with accordingly.  However, you can still have the procedure.  Call 415.923.3800

Shahin Javaheri, MD
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Brazilian Buttock lift

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I see no problem with doing Brazilian Butt Lift now even if you plan to get pregnant in few years. We will never know what the pregnancy will do to your body and how much weight you will gain and where. Added the hormonal changes. There are not enough studies on that topic. But it is like any thing else we just do not know what changes will occure to your breast, and any other body part with pregnancy.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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