Ask PS NOT to Numb my Breast During Explant?

I'm having implant removal done in a few weeks and I don't want my breasts to be shot with numbing stuff, during my augmentation my left breast developed a weird reaction to the numbing and had like a yellow type bruise for weeks and not that second of my breast is permanently numb, it sucks, and I don't want to lose anymore sensation. Can I request this? I don't even care about pain post op I just DO NOT WANT TO BE NUMBED. I'm going under general anyways for the operation.

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Ask PS NOT to Numb my Breast During Explant?

Although I am not convinced that I see a connection between your post op issues and the local anesthesia, so long as you are having a general anesthetic it is not necessary to use any numbing meds. Just inform your surgeon of your request. 

Numbing injections for implant removal

If you are going to be under general anesthesia anyway then the injection of a numbing agent is not necessary.  I would certainly discuss your concerns with the plastic surgeon doing your procedure.

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Ask Plastic Surgeon NOT to Numb my Breast During Explant?

Although I am confused with your reasoning, you can certainly ask your plastic surgeon not to use local anesthesia. Best wishes.

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