Why is my PS Charging So Much More for Facility and Anesthesia Fees?

Here is my quote: Breast augmentation/Lift (mastopexy)- $6,000 Implants, Silicone- $2,000 Valley Anesthesia 4.5 hours- $1,361 Facility Fee 4.5 hours - $2,205 Garmet Surgical Bra- $55.00 Total cost of surgery- $11,621 The extra $3,500 for facility and anesthesia fees seems really high to me.

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In my area, that would be a high facility fee and the surgeon's fee, which does not include supply of the implants, is also high.  The surgeon has marked up the implants, if he pays the same amount that I do for silicone implants.  Also, and this is just my opinion, when someone is paying over $11,000 for surgery, I don't think it's asking much for him to supply the postop garment rather than billing for it.  Definitely shop around.   If you are in an area with few plastic surgeons or only one surgicenter, then the pricing may be higher than in large urban areas with more competition.

High surgical fees

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Surgical fees including facility, anesthesia and implants vary from area to area. The ones you quote would be high for my area but the only way to tell in your area is to do some comparison shopping and get quotes from different surgeons. Make sure they are all board certified plastic surgeons and that the facilities are all accredited. Good luck to you.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Fees for Breast Augmentation/Lift (Mastopexy)

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In general, the fees for cosmetic surgery, including facility and anesthesia, are determined by the local market, and the only way to find out if your total cost is in the high or normal range is to ask around and get a few quotes. The cost for anesthesia and the facility seems quite reasonable to me but the amount of time seems a little long. Most surgeon would allow 3-3.5 hours, some even less. Also, the surgical fee seems somewhat high as well and the cost of silicone abreast implants to the surgeon is $1500, not $2000, so the true surgical fee is even higher.

Joseph Fata, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Fees for a Lift and BBA

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The fees for any surgical procedure will vary based on a number of factors including geographical area. Some facilities include pain pumps and surgical garments in the OR or facility fees- the anesthesia fees seem about right in the mid-west of you are using a board certified anesthesiologist.  Make certain your surgeon is board certified in PLASTIC SURGERY before you proceed. Best of luck!

Christine Sullivan, MD
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Surgical Fees

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Hello Bainaz,

The operating room and anesthesia charges quoted by your PS for 4.5 hours is actually on the LOW side.  If you are wondering where fees might be higher than normal, it would be elsewhere in his quote.  The implants are not $2000, they are $1500.   Bras are rarely $55.

His fee of $6000 is quite high, but he is performing a mastopexy too, which is more labor intensive and requires more skill and talent than a standard breast augmentation.  This is his preorogative and it is not unreasonable.  If he is the doctor you like (and you have interviewed only American Board of Plastic Surgery certified doctors that specialize in complex breast surgery), than go forward.

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Why is my PS Charging So Much More for Facility and Anesthesia Fees?

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Does sound high. Obtain other opinions to compare quotes. Best to ask the chosen surgeon a better breakdown of his fees. The anesthesia slightly high, facility in line, implants in line, bra in line. The only high fee is surgeons. 

Breast lift and augmentation combination surgery fees

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The fees for anesthesia and facility appear to be fair based on 4.5 hours of surgery. Every surgeon has different operative times, some are slower and some are faster. This is the type of surgery that you want done correctly. Find the best surgeons in your area and get second and third opinions.

Cost of Surgery

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Usually Anesthesia and Facility fees charge by time and it looks like you are being quoted for 4.5 hours (which to me sounds like a long time for a breast augmentation /lift surgery).  Charging by time is very normal.  Charges also vary depending on if the anesthesiologist is an MD or a nurse, etc..

Do your research and make sure your surgeon performs this type of procedure often - breast lift surgery is tricky and experience is key!

Surgical and anesthesia fees

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The surgery fee and implant fees seem reasonable.  The $3500 for hospital and anesthesia may be a little high, but considering it is for 4.5 hours, this is not unreasonable at all.  You will find hospitals and anesthesia groups that charge much more or much less.  I would make sure you are comfortable with the facility and check that they have a good reputation and do a moderate to high volume of plastic surgery.

Also, you can ask if your surgeon operates at other facilities, or seek another quote from another surgeon to compare.


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Fees are individually determined. The good thing about your surgery is that it is completely elective. If you don't like the price, walk away. No one forced an investor to spend $82 million on van Gogh's Dr. Gachet. No one is even obligated to buy it. There is no rule about fees per se. In fact, the fees are a fixed price for a cost that is variable. That is, your surgeon had quoted a set fee while the costs are generally determined by time. An augmentation-mastopexy is not a specific operation. It can take 2 hours to do or 5 hours so the real fee, that is usually calculated by time, can result in a profit or a loss. You can certainly discuss the fees with your surgeon and compare total costs between surgeons, but it is not as easy or correct to make decisions based solely or even predominantly on price. Think of it as buying art, not Sony TV's.

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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