Does PRP improve for dark circles, thin skin and mild crepiness under the eyes or are Fraxel and Retin A better treatments?

I'm in my 30's and have dark circles, mild crepiness and thin skin with small visible veins under eye area. I am thinking of having PRP to help thicken the skin - is this the best treatment. Does it PRP work? Or are Fraxel, Dermapen or Retin A better choices.

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PRP is an adjunct treatment

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In my practice, I use PRP in conjunction with dermapen or Fraxel since the skin is more permeable and the plasma has much more efficient penetration through the skin. PRP can be injected under the skin as well; however, for improving skin texture and turgor, I would suggest a transdermal approach along with dermapen or Fraxel.

Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

Best treatment for lower lid changes

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Thank you for asking about dark circles and thin skin under the eyes,

  • I know nothing that shows PRP improves these problems,
  • LIght phenol/croton oil peels, TCA peels and Retin A and hydroquinone definitely help dark circles,
  • Fraxel will usually not,
  • Starting with Retin A and hydroquinone, progress to peels Best wishes.

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