PRP AFTER a BA with Fat Transfer?

I had implants removed & on that same day a fat graft to the breasts. 5 months later, all of the fat, which looked great initially, is gone. At 27 I look like an old woman who has breast fed 3 kids. I'm now being told that by injecting the breasts with platelet rich plasma and using a breast suction device I will be able to reactivate the fat cells, which are supposedly not dead, but "in shock". Will PRP & a suction device turn this around and "reactivate" these shocked fat cells?

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PRP AFTER a BA with Fat Transfer?

After essentially a failed fat transfer you would do better to consider implants again if you wish to have larger breasts. I would need to see some scientific publications before I could accept the explanation you have heard. Thanks and best wishes. 

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PRP and breasts

As far as I know, three is no scientific evidence to support the claims made in your statement about PRP reactivating the fat cells. You are probably best to undergo an implant procedure to get the augmentation.

Steven Wallach, MD
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