How to achieve a Botox brow lift?

I went to a med spa recently because I have hooded eyelids and really wanted a brow lift. She basically injected all around my upper forehead and also right above the tail end of my brows. Will this give me my desired affect? Last time I didn't have this botox placement, I had my 11's done and also my whole upper forehead and it actually made my brows sag, so this time she did it a new way. Just injecting around my upper forehead and tail of my brows.

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Botox Brow Lift

Dear Makeupvixen:

Botox is an art and a science. Those injectors who understand the anatomy of the muscles and the dynamic roles they play in creating expression and wrinkles are those who will provide a better outcome for you. 

Lateral brow position is a ying / yang between the frontalis muscle and the orbicularis muscle along the tail of the brow. 

The brow arch and medial brow elevation or descent, "11's", bunny lines, forehead furrows and other wrinkles and folds are a play in other muscles the injector must observe and be as precise as possible in their injection technique.

I hope this is helpful. Choose your injector carefully.  

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Botox Brow Lift injection sites

To achieve a Botox brow lift, i inject it on the center of the forehead to relax the central frontalis muscle and under outer eyebrow to relax the depressor orbicularis muscle.

Brow lift

The ideal lift is different for each patient. There is no standard recipe. I agree with the suggestion that you work with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who takes before and after pictures and offers you follow up 2 weeks after injection to be sure the best pattern is established for you.

Roberta Lucas, MD
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Botox can lift the brows but use caution with injection placement where excess eyelid hooding is present

Botox is used to not only smooth wrinkles but also changes the brow position when injected in the upper face.  To achieve a "brow lift" and smooth the 11's or frown lines you must inject the muscles that pull down on the eyebrows which is what you are describing in your most recent treatment.   This will achieve the brow lift and smooth the 11's. Your first treatment that created brow droop was most likely caused by injecting too much or too low on your forehead which over relaxed the frontalis muscle whose job is to keep the eyebrows lifted.
I recommend that you choose someone within a  board certified plastic surgery or dermatology practice where they take before photos and document each treatment as this helps to tweak any future treatments to get your "recipe" just right.

Dan Mills, MD
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Botox brow lifting

Thank you for your question. Shaping the brows is one my favorite parts of using Botox. It requires a very detailed understanding of the underlying anatomy as well as assessing each individual while they are animating their brows. By carefully placing Botox in the muscles that depress the brow, you can cause the brow to rest and relax in a lifted position. There are limits to how much you can lift, and for some surgery is better option. Incorrect assessment or placement can also lead to the reverse effect, so overall technique is critical. You can also shape the brow different. For example, you can raise the tail of the brow vs creating a raised arched brow vs creating a raised horizontal brow. It depends on the individual's desired brow aesthetic goals. I would consider this a very advanced technique so I would query your injector on their experience in this area.
As far as how many units may be needed, this also depends on which part of the brow you want to correct. For the inner brows, you may consider ~20 units (same as the frown line treatment). For the middle or outer brow, I generally use up to 5 units on each side.
You may also want to consider adding fillers to shape and raise the brow. Combining the two products can work synergistically together.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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You need selective placement of Botox

Botox is not a substitute for a brow lift; however, if the outer brows are low they can be artificially elevated with selective placement of Botox.
The forehead has paired muscles, frontalis muscles, that elevate the brows.  Botox should not be placed in the outer forehead or low near the eyebrows.  This will allow the muscle to still lift the brows.  With placement of Botox in the tail of the brow and along the outer orbital bone the muscles that pull the brow down will be weakened.  Likewise, Botox placed in the inner muscles between the brows that cause the "elevens" will weaken these muscles and enable the brows to lift. 
Proper use of Botox balances the forehead muscles rather than prevents them from moving at all.  This is where the true art of using Botox comes into play.  

Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, MD
Fairfield Plastic Surgeon
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How to achieve a Botox brow lift?

Thank you for your question.  Each patient has a different response to Botox and it is up to the injector to develop a treatment plan to optimize a patient's results.  A chemical brow lift can be achieved in some women with Botox placement in the outer part of the eye to prevent the muscle that closes the eye from working as strongly.  This then allows the forehead muscle that is responsible for raising the brow to not have to work against it.  Occasionally, some women need additional Botox in their upper crow's feet to get optimal results.  The art comes in not paralyzing too much of the forehead muscle while trying to rid those wrinkles. Too much will not allow the muscle to pull up on your outer eyebrow, negating the effects of the chemical brow lift. Hope this helps

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Botox brow lift

Botox can be injected along the tail of the lateral brow to elevate the brow itself. It will not address the lines over the brows per se.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Botox brow lift


2-3 units in 2-3 points just below the lateral third of the brow gets usually the desired effect of lateral brow lift!
J Tahery
Otolaryngologist /Facial Plastic Surgeon

Jawed Tahery, FRCS
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Botox "brow lift" achieved by injecting the "11s" and lateral eyebrows, not the upper forehead.

One great benefit of treating the glabellar area between the eyes, or the "11s", is a temporary brow lift. When placed correctly in this area, Botox treats the muscles that pull the brows downward. When the downward muscles are neutralized, the forehead muscles will lift the brows and achieve the desired effect - a brow lift.

Treating the muscles of the upper forehead will have the opposite effect, and may actually cause the brows to droop rather than lift, so caution and small volumes must be used in this area.

I would encourage you to see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has more experience helping patients achieve the desired effect.

Chad L. Prather, MD
Baton Rouge Dermatologic Surgeon

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