Injectables for my weak jawline/chin? (photo)

I've been hearing "buzz" lately regarding the use of injectables to contour the chin and jaw in order to strengthen the profile. Could this me a viable option for me?

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Filler for jawline

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Yes, we do use fillers to extend the chin and to accentuate the jawline. I commonly use Radiesse. However, and please don't take this the wrong way, I think, from the photos, it looks like you would be much better served by an operation. Your neck and face need to be tightened, and you would benefit from a chin implant. I would have to examine you to see if I think you could get buy with a mini lift or if you need a full lower facelift (with a chin implant in both cases) to accomplish your goals. I think that probably only surgery will give you the type of definition that you need. I have enclosed a link.

Injectables for chin and jawline

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Injectables have given us a useful tool to enhance various parts of the face. They are easy to have done and cost less than surgery. Having said that, the over application of injectables is unwise and can lead to disappointing or unnatural results. I think you would be better served with a surgical procedure. I would see an experienced surgeon for an exam and personal recommendation. Best of luck.

Fillers may provide a slight improvement.

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Unfortunately you have a very weak chin, and some heaviness in the neck. You might be able to build up the chin and jaw area with filler, I am not sure it will provide you with the cosmetic look you desire. A better option is surgical - to remove the fat, and put in a chin implant. This would make your jawline longer, and improve the angle at the chin.

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