Can Someone Provide Help with Infection Post Tummy Tuck & Lipo?

Hi...I am 20 days, abdominoplasty & lip,post op. I am also suffering from a staph infection due to backed up fluid from a dislodged drain. I am being treated with antibiotis via PICC line. There is a point in my incision that is excreting the infection and i have to change dressings frequently throughout the day -- when will I feel better? :( and Why is the infection still expelling if I've been on the anibiotics for 7 days, today?? Any input or feedback you can provide, I'd GREATLY appreciate :)

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Infection Post Abdominoplasty--In Person Second Opinion

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Sorry to hear about the complication.  FIrst, communicate frequently and thoroughly with your surgeon about your current status.  Second, I would recommend a second opinion (in-person) with another respected plastic surgeon.  I can't say if you need surgical drainage or not.  Unfortunately, infections may have drainage for weeks or more.  But you want to be sure that you are being thoroughly treated--so get that second opinion.  It will provide you with peace of mind--hopefully just reassuring you that you are being treated properly.

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Infection of abdominoplasty demands adequate drainage.

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Any deep infection should be surgically drained. Afterwards antibiotics and wound care supervised by your surgeon will result in resolution of the problem.

Can Someone Provide Help with Infection Post Tummy Tuck & Lipo?

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Thank you for your question. Sorry to read of the post surgery complication you have had. Understandable as it is to get some advice online, without an in person exam (or at least photos) it is really not possible to offer much in the way of useful advice. 

Was there a fluid collection as part of the problem, and was a drain re-inserted?  All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Infection after an abdominoplasty

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If you have an abscess then the wound needs to be opened up and allowed to drain.  This requires a surgical procedure where the tissues are irrigated with saline and a packing is used to establish dependent drainage. No amount of antibiotic will be a substitute for surgical drainage. Once properly drained, and on the appropriate antibiotic the condition will resolve. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Infection after Tummy Tuck?

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I am sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced. Although your “outreach” to online consultants is understandable,  they will not be able to provide you with specific or meaningful advice.  These types of situations require  frequent in-person  clinical evaluation for correct diagnosis and treatment. 

 Assuming, the area of “infection” is appropriately drained (or draining)  and that you are being treated with the appropriate ( culture based) antibiotics,  your clinical situation should improve over the course of days/weeks. Exactly when this will occur is impossible to predict even in person.

 In regards to question regarding drainage:  ongoing drainage should not be too concerning.  Sometimes, if the drainage stops too soon, the fluid can accumulate within the space between the abdominal wall and muscle and create an abscess.  Therefore, ongoing drainage  can be considered a positive,  despite being on antibiotics.

 Most  importantly, close follow-up with your plastic surgeon will be very important;  if necessary, he/she may ask  for the assistance of an infectious  disease doctor as well.

 Best wishes.


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