Protuding Lump on Upper Eyelid After Blepharoplasty, How Long for These Sutures to Dissolve?

I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty done 4 weeks ago and I have a protruding lump on my upper eyelid. My surgeon thinks its the internal sutures. How long does it take for these sutures to dissolve? and will the lump go away once the suture is dissolved.

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Protuding Lump on Upper Eyelid After Blepharoplasty, How Long for These Sutures to Dissolve?

 You'll need to rely upon and follow the instructions of the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your eyelid surgery.  He/she's the best person to ask this question as he/she knows what sutures were used, where and how many, during your eyelid surgery.  

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Lump on upper eyelid after blepharoplasty

It is not uncommon for a lump to be a dissolving suture or a small cyst or a healing scar. Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to evaluate this problem. If it is a suture reaction, resolution should be within the next few weeks. If you do have a small cyst or a milia, your plastic surgeon can treat it in the office quite simply.

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Lump after blepharoplasty

If your surgeon thinks that the lump is from dissolving sutures I would certainly believe him/her. Most likely the sutures are Vicryl and if so they take a good 6-8 weeks to dissolve. Be patient.

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Protruding lump on upper eyelid after blepharoplasty. Mycobacteria?

  This really is not a question for this forum.  If you trusted your surgeon to do your eyelid surgery, certainly you should trust him/her to manage your postop care MORE than any advice that you may receive here.  Strange as this may sound, consider patience (it is still early), and/or trusting the experience and expertise of your surgeon.  Only as a last resort would I consider getting another opinion.

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Bump on eyelid after blepharoplasty

The bump could be anything from healing scar to granuloma to mycobacterial infection.  We need more information and photo.  First discuss it with you surgeon. If bump is red and not resolving, then consider geting second opinion from an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Bump on Eyelid after Blepharoplasty

Bumps on eyelids may be due to sutures or small cysts due to the sutures. If it does not improve, most surgeons can treat it by a simple excision in the office.

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