Protruding Teeth: is This Lip Insufficiency? How Can I Correct It (photo)?

My daughter's (25) upper set of teeth now seems to protrude, almost permanently exposing it. Even with mouth closed, the teeth area looks abnormally elevated. One dentist said braces wont work because of lip insufficiency. The problem has become more pronounced in last 4 years or so.What is the best way to correct it? Thanks

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Protruding teeth, what can be done to correct this

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Thanks for sending us photos, unfortunately that is not enough information to make an adequate diagnosis and treatment plan her mouth.  She appears to be a candidate for invisalign but without that extra information it would be hard to recommend.  I would seek advice from a certified invisalign provider to get ideas. 

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Need more information

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If you want to get  an accurate diagnosis, you will need a lot more information. Profile shots, cephalometric Xrays, full diagnostic photographs and models. Depending on how the analysis comes back, there may be a variety of methods to address the problem. Sometimes simple non extraction orthodontics with elastics would do the job, other times extractions are needed or she may be a candidate for functional appliances. The only way to determine which method is going to work is to do a full workup. Hope this helps.

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