What Can Be Done for Very Protruding Gums to Make It Strucked In? Pls Recommend Ways

I have a very protruding front teeth and i have braces for 5 yrs but it didnt work out. So i decided to make my 6 upper front teeth extracted to treat the protrusion. But it's been 3 yrs now and still my upper gums (where my teeth was extracted) were still protruding. I still did'nt achieve the side view that i want. I still have protruding side view even if my teeth were already extracted because my gums are still protruding. Why? What should be done to treat the protrusion of my gums? Thnx

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Treatment of the gummy, protruded smile

It sounds like you may have a problem that can prove to be difficult to treat. When patients show a great deal of soft tissue and excessive tooth display then the diagnosis is an excess of maxillary growth. Another term is vertical maxillary excess, the treatment is always a surgical one in which an oral surgeon in tandem with an orthodontist will reposition the maxilla and sometimes the mandible to accomodate for this issue. The fact that your front teeth were already removed may be problematic for the treatment planning. Another solution may be to visit a periodontist and see what type of bone remodeling could be done to improve your profile. This is a very complex problem and multiple consults should be obtained before proceding. hope this helps!!

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