Protruding Cartilage After Rhinoplasty- What Should Be Done? (photo)

It has been 6 months since I've had rhinoplasty to treat a broke nose and I seem to have cartilage that protrudes from the center of my left nostril, making them uneven. I finally made an appointment to have it checked out and the doctor that perfumed the surgery said that he would basically cut it off. It would be done at the office, after an injection to numb the area. Is this common? Do I need to seek a second opinion? Thank you in advance for your advice and sharing your expertise!

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Revision rhinoplasty surgery

Dear Sassy7,

  1. What your doctor is saying makes sense, although to be sure, it would be great to examine you
  2. It also depends on what the cause of the protrusion is, sometimes a strut slips and goes off to one side of the nose
  3. A little trim is not that difficult and would get the result you would be looking for

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