Protruded and Asymmetrical Eyes What Can Be Done About It? (photo)

My eyes are too protruding & asymmetrical (right eye protruding much more and slightly crossed eye ? I apologize in advance if I'm not using the proper medical terms).I've been always self conscious and depressed my entire life due to the way my eyes look.I have done the proper examination/blood work and seen an eye specialist and there has been no underlying cause/condition.My mother also has prominent eyes and I've been like this as far as there any solution? is ODS suitable?

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Orbital decompression.

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Yes you have prominent eyes, as well as lower eyelid retraction [which often goes hand in hand with prominent eyes].

Furthermore, you have a mild ptosis [drooping] of your upper eyelids.

First, we need to know if this a progressive problem. Were you eyes less bulgy before? If so, you need to be evaluated to rule out Thyroid eye disease which is the most common cause of progressive bilateral exophthalmos.

If this is a normal anatomy for you, then surgical rehabilitation is possible with orbital decompression. There are many different approaches to this surgery and you need to find a surgeon that is experienced with the different approaches [some techniques have a higher rate of double vision afterward than others]

Further more if you do decompression the position of your eyelids might change:

Your upper eyelids may become a bit more droopy, and your lower eyelid retraction may actually improve.

You should seek consultation with an Oculoplastics surgeon. Below is a link to find one that is close to you. If you live on the West coast of canada, Dr. Dolman at UBC is a great person to see.

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Eyelids bulging

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according to your photos your eyes to have a bulging look. This could be due to a number of factors ie..size of your orbit, thyroid function. you need to have a diagnosis made before any treatment. Your lower eyelid is slightly retracted and this can be corrected.All the best.

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