Applying Protopic on Vitiligo Spots After Deep FX or Fraxel?

Hi Doctors/Experts, I have vitiligo on face (more than 10 years) and Protopic is effective in treating my spot. Now I am considering to have a Deep FX/Fraxel treatment to help my acne scar a bit.

May I know if I can apply Protopic on white spots and how many days after laser treatment? Thanks so much.

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Be careful, test spot advised... can use Protopic after 2 weeks.

Vitiligo can go either way with laser - either no change, worsen or even improves vitligo. This is a well known fact that fractional laser can improve long standing vitligo. The flip side is that laser can also affect the normal pigment cells, making vitiligo worse.

A test patch is advisable. To answer your specific question on Protopic application, I would say 12d to 14 d- this gives time for your skin to heal, and not be too irritated.

Fully ablative laser is not advisable for anyone with vitligo, but fractional laser can be done with caution. Personally I have performed Fraxel and CO2 (Deep FX is CO2) Fractional on vitligo patients, with NO adverse reaction- however I have an in depth conversation as to the possible side effects outlined above.


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