Pros and Cons of African American Rhinoplasty?

Is there a way to make my nose look smaller without surgery? Is cosmetic surgery really worth it? I've seen many pics of patients who look like Barbie and Ken after having work done. What are the pros and cos of Rhinoplasty? These photo is of the front view of my face. My nose is way too big and wide for my face. I want to define the tip however, many pics I see of patients look fake and unnatural.

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Natural-looking rhinoplasty results

Rhinoplasty is definitely not an operation where one size fits all. The first thing that you should know is that you cannot have any nose you desire. Your rhinoplasty surgeon should be striving to give you the nose that best fits your face. The same principle is no different in the ethnic rhinoplasty. The main differences will be how you get there.
During your consultation with an experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon you should be able to discuss with your surgeon what changes you desire to your nose, and your surgeon should give you guidance as to what changes they see which would improve the outcome of your rhinoplasty surgery. It should be a team effort with both of you striving for a natural appearing nose.

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African American Rhinoplasty

African American Rhinoplasty is a specialty in itself. It also has a bad wrap because to the disasters with Michael Jackson and other black celebrities. Every patient has unique anatomy and desires unique changes. Therefore every rhinoplasty must be custom made for that particular patient.


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Experienced surgeons give rhinoplasty results that look natural

There is no other way to make the nose smaller without surgery. This is called a reduction rhinoplasty. It is very important to perform a natural ethnic rhinoplasty so that the nose does not look like it has been done. Procedures that can be performed on the nose for ethnic rhinoplasty and African-American rhinoplasty include narrowing the nasal bridge, refining the tip, and an alarplasty to narrow the nostrils. Look for a surgeon who has performed thousands of rhinoplasty surgeries.

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Pros and cons of Rhinoplasty


Non-surgical techniques are seldom effective. A highly skilled surgeon who specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty will be able to produce results that look natural and are great functionally. There are risks associated with any surgery, and that may be considered a "con." A "pro" depends on what your goals are with the procedure and what you as an individual would like the end result to be. Please feel free to ask me any further questions about the procedure, as I am an ethnic rhinoplasty specialist and have a great deal of experience with ethnic noses. And please feel free to send me any additional photos if you have any more specific quesitons. Thank you and best of luck to you.

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You might benefit from a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Procedure.

If you want to narrow the width of your nostrils, then a surgical procedure would be necessary. If you might be interested in subtle refinement in the appearance of your nose, then you could have an Injectable Filler treatment. I've had good results with refining, and projecting a flattened tip, along with building up a low nasal-bridge.

I've attached a link demonstrating this technique.

Depending on your desires, you may be a candidate for Rhinoplasty Surgery. You should consult a board-certified Rhinoplasty specialist with many photos for your perusal.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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Natural appearing rhinoplasty plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty, or corrective nose surgery, is one of the most artistic procedures in plastic surgery. Achieving a balanced appearance to the nasal shape, from both the frontal and side views, must be combined with careful attention to the functional purpose of the nose.

In consideration of your rhinoplasty, adjustments may be made to your nasal tip, your nasal dorsum, your nasal width, and your nasal base. A change in one of these features, however, can have significant effect on the appearance of the others. Meticulous surgical technique, combined with an in-depth knowledge of nasal anatomy and a wide array of rhinoplasty nuances allows your plastic surgeon to customize the rhinoplasty operation to your individual needs.

While patients of some surgeons can be recognized by a standard postoperative nasal form, I feel that your nose should be made to be in perfect balance with the rest of your face. This means taking into account your facial proportions, skin thickness, cartilaginous rigidity, and bony formations. Simultaneously, your nasal septum may need to be addressed to improve breathing. Other nasal structures such as the turbinates may need assessment and surgical adjustment for the same reasons. It is vital that a multifaceted approach be utilized in assessment as well as execution of your rhinoplasty operation -- this is what I do in Santa Barbara.

Find a surgeon who prides himself r herself on educating you about the details of your operative assessment and the reasoning behind each of the planned surgical maneuvers. Computer analysis will aid in conveying your wishes to the surgeon and may also help the surgeon relay postoperative expectations back to you.

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No Barbies, no Kens

Thanks for posting your photo and your question. I need more views of your nose to provide you with a better assessment. Certainly you'll need to consult with a BCPS. Your future results do not need to look fake and overdone. Your PS needs to refine your tip with grafts, selective defatting, tip support and limited cartilage removal to refine your tip. Your nostrils may need to be slightly reduced. I'm not sure if you'll  need a chin implant since I don't have a lateral photo. These maneuvers will enhance your features and maintain the overall ethnic harmony between your nose and your face. Good luck. 

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

If it is worth it or not is not something that any of us can answer. You would have answer that yourselft. Are you unhappy enough about your nose that you are willing to have elective cosmetic surgery?

That is the question you need to answer. There are many risks and benefits to rhinoplasty and you need to see a board certified plastic surgeon to go over the list with you.

You also need to find a plastic surgeon who specialized in ethnic rhinoplasty as well.

Good luck.

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African-American Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) is a challenging operation and nose jobs in Blacks / South American Indians / Asian (Ethnic Rhinoplasty) is especially challenging because of the thicker skin which does not drape well, the often low dorsum (bridge of the nose) requiring augmentation and narrowing, the flaring nostrils and the bulbous tip requiring narrowing and refinement. Ethnic rhinoplasty is not only transformative but can cross racial boundaries which some people may find objectionable (IE your "Barbie and Ken after having work done" comment)

Your best option is to see several surgeons who do a lot of ethnic rhinoplasties and see if you really want the transformation such procedures afford.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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A rhinoplasty can have a natural appearing result

In my opinion the best rhinoplasty results are the ones where you cannot tell that someone has had their nose done without looking at the before pictures. Many patients and some rhinoplasty surgeons have a particular look that they like for their patients. In my opinion, it is best to make the nose fit the face as opposed to make the nose fit someone else's face. To simply narrow a wide nose and narrow the tip some should leave you with a natural looking nose. If you try to create a particular look that is when unsatisfactory results can occur. With thick ethnic skin, you can compromise the result by trying to creat an operated appearance or overly thin the tip or overly narrow the sides. I hope this information helps.

Scott Trimas, MD
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