How to Properly Wear Rice Sizers

Ok I am not finding my answer so I understand MAKING the sizers but how do you wear them to see what they will look like as implants? AND WHY not in an underwire? Do you put them under the breast in the bra so it is like a push up pad? OR over the breast covering the nipple? #1. I want a good idea of the look #2 I want to wear then around prior to surgery so people get use to seeing me this way. Last question when I am happy with rice size size what % is added because of going under muscle?

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The Rice Test

This is a good question because fitting the rice into the bra correctly will make a big difference. I tell my patients to put the rice in a cut off stocking or knee high. Don't tie it off too tight, the rice needs to be able to move around a bit. We have found for our patients that if you lay the bra on top of a table facing you, then place the rice in the cups, then lean into the bra and fasten. Gently move the rice around evenly around the breast. Under wire bras will not give you a realistic view of what the implant is going to look like. It is a good idea to wear the rice for several days and with different outfits to see if you like the look, and it will help you determine the size. Once you get the right amount of rice just measure the rice for your surgeon. Your surgeon can tell by the amount of rice what size implant should be used.

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